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Money: the parent of modern healthcare

While the developed world is fixated on genetic modification and commercialized space travel, the developing world is struggling with overwhelming disease and infection. It is estimated that 95% of the world’s population suffer from a form of disease or disability, … Continue reading

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Bacteria Wars Episode 5. The Bubonic Strikes Back!

Just a mere 150 years ago, a small cut could easily seal your fate. Just a small cut, enough to form what was one of the greatest killers in human history. Infection! An infection can be a multitude of things, … Continue reading

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When life gives you mould, make penicillin.

You’re lying in a bath with water over 50 degrees. There isn’t much time; veins under your skin are pulsating in distress. In seconds heatstroke paralyses your body. Your vessels expand, dragging the blood to the surface. Sweat emanates, pooling … Continue reading

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Antibiotics and Microbiomes

As I mentioned in my previous blog “Antibiotic resistance and what we can do about it”, antibiotic resistance is big problem we are currently facing. Every usage of antibiotics contributes to the resistance problem and therefore we need to reduce … Continue reading

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