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Uncovering Phage StrongArm: Part 3… The Final Chapter

Woah, it’s been a few months since I was last here so let me summarise what you lucky people have all missed out on. Can you believe it’s been 145 days, or 20 weeks and 5 days or 4 months … Continue reading

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Uncovering phage StrongArm: Part 2…

Let’s see, where did I leave off? Well… If I can remember clearly and correct me if I’m wrong, I was struggling over the loss of my original phage (1) StrongArm. I must admit the first couple of weeks were … Continue reading

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Uncovering phage StrongArm: Part 1…

It all started out too smoothly, like a dream of some sorts which I couldn’t have imagined myself. I found my phage StrongArm from my first lot of samples. Sample 10 to be exact, where I found two plaque (1) … Continue reading

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