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An Accidental Breakthrough: Bacteriophage Discovery

Based largely on The Forgotten Cure (2012) by Anna Kuchment . Bacteriophages are incredibly tiny bacteria-killing viruses that most people don’t even know about, let alone think about often. You may however have noticed a bit of a theme in … Continue reading

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Mycobacterium smegmatis – Why are we hunting for phages that infect this species of bacteria?

If you’ve read any of the other posts on this Phage Hunt NZ blog, you may already know a little about the struggles us hunters go through to find phages. The ultimate aim of our hunt is to discover brand … Continue reading

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A phage by any other name would smell as sweet – The trials and tribulations of naming your phage

If you’ve ever wandered into the clearance section of your local bookstore I’m sure you’ll have seen at least one book about baby names. Titles like “100,000 Baby Names”, “Cool Names for Babies” and the “The Baby Name Wizard” offer … Continue reading

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