Heather on Radio Live (mentioned phage therapy)

Hey guys! I was on RadioLive this morning talking to James Coleman about the WHO report on Antibiotic Resistance and I mentioned the potential of Phage therapy to help in the future. Also, will we be taking blood from the young to infuse the old in the future. Mouse research suggests that this is a possibility. Clinical trials on the way.

Audio: scroll down, select 5:40 am and then select the 5:45 am segment to hear the audio.


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Microbiology, Evolution and Bacteriophages. Lecturer, Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences. Massey University. Superhero name: Microbiology Girl. Auckland, New Zealand · microbialevolution.massey.ac.nz Twitter: drhhnz
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One Response to Heather on Radio Live (mentioned phage therapy)

  1. jojoamy says:

    Really interesting to hear all the potential that bacteriophage’s may have in the future, makes me want to be more successful in our phage hunt!

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