Video of Phage in Action

Well I decided I should face my fears and finally do this blog post thing. I was trying to wrap my head around the whole concept of phage and I came across this site which I think summed it up pretty well.

Perhaps it is a bit below the level we are aiming for but I think the video of the bacteria being killed by the phage gives a good insight to what is actually happening on our agar plates, and even though it has been sped up, it shows just how fast these phages can infect, take control of and destroy the bacteria cells. These are some highly effective killers we are handling!

Furthermore if any of you are having trouble with the scale of phage there is a neat little interactive tool that can let you zoom in and out with references to other well known small things.

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One Response to Video of Phage in Action

  1. sarahlomas19 says:

    This is really cool! I actually searched up another scaling tool: to check it was right. I always knew that virsues were smaller than bacteria but for some reason I didn’t think the size difference was so large. No wonder viral infections spread so fast if only one virus is needed to infect one bacterium, yet around 100-200 newly made viruses can fit inside the bacterium before lysis.

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