Phages: The Future of Medicine?

The post-antibiotic era is fast approaching, according to the WHO.

With antibiotics losing effectiveness, Phages would appear to be a realistic replacement treatment. Phages can be specified to target only the malignant bacteria, and they have a different method of attacking bacteria than antibiotics. This means they will be effective against pathogens that are already resist antibiotic techniques. Another advantage of using Phages over antibiotics is that phages have the ability to evolve with the bacteria to respond to resistance.

More information about the potential role of Phages in the future of medicine, according to redditor CarbonKaiser, can be found here.

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2 Responses to Phages: The Future of Medicine?

  1. naturaljess says:

    That’s interesting, I’ve heard that the antibiotic resistance we are experiencing is mostly due to people not taking a full course of antibiotics because they ‘feel better’ before all the pathogen has been killed off. Phages might have less side effects also, which would be useful for people who are sensitive or perhaps with weak immune systems. The only danger I can see is if the phages evolved to attack useful/harmless human bacteria or cells with them being in so many human bodies.

  2. drhhnz says:

    The point you bring up about WHY we have the current crisis is an interesting one Jess. Certainly there is individual misuse of antibiotics. Over prescription by doctors is another serious concern. Parents with children who have colds sometimes demand antibiotics that aren’t required. In addition, there is a surprising quantity of antibiotics used in agriculture to encourage animals to put on weight. There is a nice inforgraphic on the subject from the CDC (Center for disease control) here:

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