Meet Fabio!

Meet Fabio!

This is a quick post to give our budding phage hunters some phage images to get them started thinking about issues they encounter in the Phage Hunt.

Meet Fabio! This is “Big Jess’s” phage from last year. When we took these electron microscopy images of our phages we had purified and amplified them so that we would have a clean and true sample of each new phage. However, not all copies of the same phage will look the same. In A) Fabio is a large tailed phage , of the order caudovirales. However, in B) phage Fabio appears to have injected its DNA (observe the contractile tail). This phage head or capsid has collapsed in on itself. The phage on the right is a very different looking entity but these images are both of the same bacteriophage.


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Microbiology, Evolution and Bacteriophages. Lecturer, Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences. Massey University. Superhero name: Microbiology Girl. Auckland, New Zealand · Twitter: drhhnz
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